10 Science Shows That Are Great For Kids

The world is full of amazing things that science can explain.

Kids Science Shows

What kid doesn’t like being told the coolest and most fun things? Kids love watching science programs on television, websites, or even just a YouTube video.

Science shows are great because they include subjects that appeal to kids such as dinosaurs, space travel, and even magic tricks! These shows explain things in simple ways so that kids can understand them as well.

Kids love learning about new things, especially when it comes to their favorite topics. From the latest inventions to cool animals that live in different parts of the world, kids are fascinated by everything around them.

Watching science shows is one way to introduce your child to new ideas and topics that you both enjoy. Here are some great science shows for kids:

1.The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race is a popular reality series that features teams of two traveling around the world to various cities and competing in various challenges. The show is a great example of how people of different backgrounds can come together to accomplish big goals.

This show is especially great for kids who are interested in seeing the world in a new way. While you are watching the show, you can talk with your kids about how they would act if they were in the race. You can also talk about how some of the tasks on the show may not apply to your own lives or situations.

The Amazing Race is currently in its thirty-sixth season. The show is available to watch on a variety of platforms such as online streaming services, cable networks, and broadcast television stations. It is easy to find this show and other similar reality shows on your favorite platform. If you want to find out more about a specific show, be sure to check out the program guide for each platform.

2.Minute Physics

The world is full of amazing things that science can explain. However, not all things in life can be explained by science. For instance, the human body is simply too complex to fully understand by just looking at the parts and how they work together. Fortunately, physics explains many aspects of the human body such as the size of objects, how fast they move, and how they interact with other objects.

The Minute Physics series is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of physics and the human body. The show is divided into six minute segments and covers various topics such as gravity, momentum, and the air pressure in our lungs.

Each episode begins with a narrator explaining the topic of the episode and some of the information about the human body. Then, there are cartoon graphics that visually explain what physics is involved in the topic.

Finally, there is a segment of the human body that the physics explains. There are also segments on the effects of gravity, friction, and the air that we breathe in. By watching these segments, your child will learn about the important role of physics in their own bodies.

3.How It’s Made


How It’s Made is a series that shows how certain products are made. There are a variety of episodes on different products including food items, electronics, and even toys.

The show is great because it shows how a product is made. This is helpful for kids because they can see how an item they like is actually made. Kids can also learn a lot from watching how certain products are made. For instance, most kids love toys, but they do not know how toys are made.

Knowing the process behind how a toy is made can give kids a better understanding of what goes into making toys and may even inspire them to create their own toys in the future.

In addition, kids can also learn about the quality control that goes into making a product. Companies put a lot of time and effort into quality control so kids can understand why certain products have flaws.



The Mythbusters are a team of scientists and engineers who test the many myths people have about science and the world around them. The team takes experiments to a new level by using real-life situations to test the myths. There are a variety of experiments on this show including rockets, explosions, boats, and vehicles. Most of the experiments are done in a controlled environment such as a building or vehicle.

The team then uses special equipment to capture video and audio of the experiment. The Mythbusters then analyze the experiment by examining the results and discussing why they think the experiment worked or why they think it did not work. Kids can learn a lot by watching this show, especially on how experiments work and how to conduct experiments themselves.

Kids can get creative by conducting experiments in their own homes or twisting the results of the experiments to suit their own purposes.

5.Educator’s Guide to YouTube

With more online educational content available than ever, it is important for parents to know where to look. YouTube is a great choice for many reasons. It is easy to use and includes an extensive collection of educational content.

YouTube also has features that allow parents to block inappropriate content and limit the amount of time their children spend on the site.

The Educator’s Guide to YouTube is a great resource for parents who want to find educational videos for their children. The guide includes a checklist to help you find the content that is right for your child. If you do not have time to check off all of the items on the checklist, then the checklist is a great reference that can help you find the best educational videos.

6.Big Little Films:

Big Little Films is a series of short animated films that follow adventurous animals as they explore different parts of the world. The animals travel oceans, fly through the sky, or explore other parts of the natural world. There are a variety of animals in this series including lions, wolves, elephants, zebras, and even cats.

The animals in this series all have distinct characteristics, so it is easy to tell them apart. The animation in this series is beautiful and is sure to inspire an interest in natural sciences and conservation.

The narrator in the videos talks about the animals and the environment that they are exploring. This makes the videos easy for kids to understand and to follow. There are currently twenty-three episodes of Big Little Films, so there is something for every kid. If your child loves animals, you will want to follow this series.

7.Littl’ Bits of Science:

The littl’ bits of science show is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of science. The littl’ bits of science show has six short segments that cover a wide range of topics. The segments range from the sizes of molecules, to DNA, and even the evolution of the human eye.

Each of the segments is less than two minutes long and is easy to follow. This makes it easy for kids to watch the segments while they are in the car or while they are doing other activities.

The segments all use cartoons and visuals, so they are easy for kids to follow along with. There are currently twenty-six episodes in this series, so there is something for every kid to enjoy.

8.Why Oh Why? :

The next segment on this list is Why Oh Why? This is a fun science show that introduces scientific concepts. The show is a combination of fun facts, real-life examples, and silly experiments.

The host of the show talks about scientific concepts and explains them in a way that you and your children can understand. This is a great show to end this list with because it is such a great introduction to science. Many kids learn about science and want to understand it better, but they are overwhelmed by the terminology and facts.

The host of this show simplifies the information and makes it easy for kids to understand. On this show, the host talks about how the body works, how water is used, how the sun works, and many other topics that are important for your child to understand.

By watching this show, your child will learn about the world around them and have a fun time doing it.

9.Curious Chronicles

Curious Chronicles is a reality show that features kids and teens traveling around the world to learn about different cultures. The show is an excellent example of how kids can explore the world in ways that are fun and interesting.

This show is great for children who love to learn about different cultures. It also helps build empathy for other kids around the world. Each episode focuses on a different country and a different group of children.

The show is available to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other video streaming services. If you want to find out more about this show or similar shows, be sure to check out the program guide online or in your cable guide each week.

10.Hip Hop Harry

Hip Hop Harry is an animated series that features an adorable young boy named Harry who loves hip-hop music, dancing, and all things cool! This series is great for encouraging your child’s interest in music while also helping them develop their social skills by learning how to dance like their favorite hip-hop artists.

The series also helps promote positive messages such as keeping your schoolwork first and having fun second, being responsible for your actions, respecting others, working hard at whatever you do, and staying true to yourself no matter what others say or do.

Hip Hop Harry can be found on YouTube Kids as well as Amazon Prime Video Streaming Services. If you want to find out more about this show or similar shows, be sure to check out the program guide online or in your cable guide each week


Science shows are a great way for kids to learn about the world around them and get excited about science. These shows are great for both kids and parents because they are easy to follow and understand.

Make sure you watch some of these shows to get your kids excited about science. They may not know it, but they love learning new things every day and watching science shows is a great way to explore new things.

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