How To Make A Website For Free Without Coding

In this article I am going to show you how to create a free website without any coding knowledge whatsoever. You won’t have to setup any servers or deal with any hosting companies. There are several free website builders available that make it easy to create websites with little to no experience. 

In this tutorial we’re going to use one of the best free website builders available. It’s called Yovigo Website Builder and offers many features that typically cost hundreds of dollars a month (or more) on similar platforms. Yovigo comes with unlimited hosting, an app & theme marketplace that makes adding functionality very easy and much much more.

How to create a free website on Yovigo:

  • Create an account on Yovigo website builder & select the plan that fits your needs. Plans range from free to $50/month (at the time of writing this in August 2014). Each plan unlocks different features and you can view this on the pricing page and during the sign up process.
  • After signing in to Yovigo you land on the Yovigo “launch pad” which is a essentially a page with icons that link to the various features of yovigo. You can edit your theme settings, add website pages, add blog posts, , add products, setup menus, browse the app marketplace & much more. The launch pad is meant to be a central hub of your website. You can return here to get to most of the features of your store. However note that some features can only be accessed via the left sidebar menu or the menu at the top right of the screen.
  • You’ll need some content if you want to have a website! You can edit your default About Us page that is installed with Yovigo or add new pages to showcase your content. Keep in mind that in addition to pages, you can use apps to display content with added functionality. For example rather than creating a contact us page with a plain Yovigo wysiwyg page, you could install the “Simple Mail” app and accomplish the same thing add a contact form that emails whomever you input in the app settings.
  • You can add products to your store with a few different methods. There is a simple add product form / page that allows you to add product manually, upload images, assign categories, tags, meta descriptions and much more… There is also an import tool that allows you to upload a .csv of you products. You can also import your products from Etsy or Shopify if you’d like.
  • Don’t forget to create menu items that point to your content. This step is often forgotten… People can make pages and add products all day long… But creating menus can often confuse people. On Yovigo menus are simple. After you’ve created your website content add or edit your link groups (menus) for your website. When you edit a link group you are essentially creating the links that point to all your content. Depending on your theme you will have 1 or more menu positions available. Typically there are three available positions for themes on yovigo (main menu, side menu, footer). You can select where your menus are displayed from your theme settings which are covered in the next step.
  • Select a theme and/or apps from the Yovigo Marketplace. Yovigo has plenty of bells and whistles to choose from. You can install many free apps and themes. Each site can only have one theme active at a time and you can switch between them from the sidebar in the back admin view of yovigo under Website > Theme.
  • Edit your new theme settings & design your website. You can change the entire look and feel of your website from the theme settings page. You should be careful to go through each of the sections in the accordion to make sure you’ve examined all the settings. If you don’t know what something does you can always try it then preview your website in another tab. Or just ask for help on the live chat!
  • An optional and boring, but important step. Configuring your website settings! If you need to add managers to your store, you can. If you want to connect a domain, you can. If you want to connect a payment gateway, you can. You can also setup easy tax & shipping rules. There are instructions on almost everything if you need help and they are also on live chat as I mentioned. Take advantage!

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